About Sincol

Sincol Corporation is a leading organic pigment manufacturer specializing in high volume commodity and high-performance colorants to internationally required standards that are used in the printing ink, coatings and plastics industries worldwide. Sincol's production facility represents one of the largest independent organic pigment production facilities in the world. With continuous investment in new plant and innovative technology,our plants are modem, efficient and exceeds all local, regional and national environmental requirements. Whilst having substantial production capacity, we are supported by satellite units which produce the lesser volume, high performance color lines. In addition, out plant in South Africa, where we make specialized grades of pigments which are often developed and tailor made to individual customer requirements. Sincol Corporation expands a new facility in Nanjing, China focusing on aqueous pigment preparations for Flexographic Packaging Inks, Decorative coatings and Textile industries as well as Agricultural to the domestic and international markets with a full range of eco-friendly, cost effective and easy-to-use dispersions. Sincol has four wholly owned divisions, which are in US, Europe, India and South Africa.

Product introduction

Here you can find information on our range of organic pigments and dispersions.Click the read more button to see more products


American Coatings Show 2018

Please visit us at China Coat in American on 10-12 April 2018. Our commercial and technical teams will be welcoming your enquiries.